Styropianex – general contracting

Production hall with an office and social building

General contracting included: – construction of the hall and roof over the entrance (earthworks, foundations, insulation, underlays, roofing, construction of the hall, steel structure of the hall, floors, roofing, wall cladding made of sandwich panels, joinery) – construction of a social building (earthworks and preparatory works, foundations, insulation, underlays, masonry structures, reinforced concrete structures and stairs, roof covering, floors, suspended ceilings, elevators, railings, wall cladding, internal and external joinery, tile floors, facade) – land development (surface with paving stones, parking spaces for passenger cars, bumper tile, hardening with 6 cm paving stones, parking spaces for trucks, hardening with 8 cm paving stones, curbs and edges, surveying service with inventory and geological service). Leżajsk, 2018

Budowa hali Leżajsk, 2018 rok