Installation of reinforced concrete structure. Prefabricated columns and girders.

An example of the construction of a steel hall initiated by the composition of the structure. One of three types of assembly was used: individual – according to the order of elements. Individual parts, element by element, were transported to their place and, in accordance with the art of construction, connected with screws, riveted joints and assembled by welding.

In addition, the so-called working plots by installing entire parts of the hall’s steel structure, previously prefabricated in our production plant. Due to the dimensions and structure of the hall, the flow assembly method was not used. Assembly of a reinforced concrete structure using cranes and construction cranes, construction scaffolding, assembly tools, welding machines, welding machines, riveters, metal saws, rope winches.

Prefabricated columns and girders prepared perfectly according to the design facilitated quick and precise connection of the structure into a whole.

Transsped, Malawa 2016